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Trends You Want To Get Involved With In 2017

7 Trends You Want To Get Involved With In 2017

Summer is almost over which means new trends are swiftly approaching our homes. According to Country Living, we can wave goodbye to all white interiors, marble decor and boring bedding, and say hello to some new and exciting trends. I love keeping up to date with the latest trends and I will stock items for you that will show your friends and family that your home is always up to date with the latest decor!

So, what are the latest trends and will you love them or hate them? I have put my interior design head on and created a list of trends for you to look out for this Autumn. You can be sure that the crafty mouse will always make sure your home is cosy and on-trend!


Velvet is a closely woven fabric with a soft and smooth texture. There is no nicer feeling than laying your head on a velvet cushion or brushing your hand along a velvet throw. It is a welcoming fabric for Autumn and Winter and it perfectly compliments rough and natural textures, such as woven baskets or reclaimed wood. Velvet is a great way to add cosiness and comfort to a room and is expected to be one of the biggest Autumn trends this year.

Woven Texture

It just so happens that woven texture will also be making a comeback in the following months, so there's no excuse not to purchase a new velvet throw for your wicker bucket chair. If you're unsure of how to style your home with woven accessories, the crafty mouse is full of advice and can show you the best way to facilitate this amazing trend!

Blush Pink

Dusted Pink or 'Millenial Pink' as some call it, has been a huge trend over the Spring and Summer months, but we can officially wave goodbye to that shade and give a warm welcome to Blush Pink. Rosy hues are making a return and they're here to stay, so it's time to stock up on vintage glassware, velvet pillows, and painted planters in this stunning, trendy colour.


We're sending copper accessories on their way. They've had their time and now it's Brass's time to shine! Brass can be incorporated into furniture but also makes for a stunning home accessory, whether it's a lamp or a photo frame. The crafty mouse is excited to be introducing brass homeware in the near future to ensure that your home is prepared for this Autumn statement trend!

Interesting Bedding

As I've mentioned, it's out with basic bedding. 2017 has had enough of boring plain, white sheets and we're all ready for something more exciting to jazz up our bedrooms over the colder months. It's time for more exciting bedding to take the lead. Think floral designs and intriguing patterns paired up with upholstered headboards!

Matte Black Home Accessories

It certainly makes a change from marble but yes, matte black is one of the 2017 Autumn trends. Consider implementing this trend in your bathroom by looking for matte black light fixtures and faucets.


Begin a new collection this autumn by having indoor plants in every corner of your home. Houseplants filter the air for you while adding a perfect decorative element to your home. Banana trees are a stunning plant to keep in your home as they have giant leaves. Pretty fringed fern palm trees are also very on-trend. But, if you don't feel prepared to take care of plants, you can purchase fake succulents or even choose decor that reflects trees and plants - I have some ideas up my sleeve for this trend, watch this space!

If you want to learn more about upcoming trends or you want advice about the kind of accessories you can buy for your home to fit in with these new trends, message the crafty mouse! I love to help and show you how you can make your home look beautiful.


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